[eDebate] UTSA Debater Fatality

Roy Eno Roy.Eno
Thu Sep 6 14:51:04 CDT 2007

To our debate community--One of our parliamentary debaters (some of you
in the policy community will know him), Farhan Rana, a Junior from
Odessa, TX and Pakistan, suffered a fatal injury in an automobile
accident in the early morning hours last Monday. The driver, Farhan's
long time friend, Candace Hoyt, also from Odessa and a UTSA student, was
also killed.

Farhan Rana was a bright, energetic, charming young man with enormous
potential. His bi-cultural experiences fueled wonderful discussions,
perspectives that fostered increased understanding. We are all saddened
that Farhan will not be among us, that his transition into adulthood and
maturity was cut short. Farhan will be missed and fondly remembered.

As all coaches will agree, we have nothing but hope for all of the
people with whom we work and develop deep friendships. It is especially
devastating when they die so young (both 20 years old) and so much
potential sinks into memory. We often our own mantra for the flying and
driving trips, but the twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week risk all
of us face seldom holds our gaze. Accidents like Farhan's pierce our
sense of safety accompanying the sigh each of us breathes at the end of
a road trip. Be careful out there.

Skip Eno

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