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Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu Jacob.Thompson
Thu Sep 6 15:35:37 CDT 2007

For those of you interested in entering the Monday night poker 
tourney--here are the preliminary instructions.  Fees & tourney structure 
will be determined soon (depending on the number of entries, etc.).

The private poker tournament will be held late Monday evening at the Monte 
Carlo Casino Poker room

if you are interested in participating, please send an email to Jusitin 
Eckstein at eckstei5 at unlv.nevada.edu 

In this email, please indicate the names and number of participants from 
your school who are interested in participating. 

Unfortunately, the tournament is restricted to individuals who are 21 
years of age or older (with valid ID). 



Dr. Jacob Thompson, Ph.D.
Director, Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum 
Assistant Professor In Residence
Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
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Las Vegas, NV 89154-4502
office (702) 895-3474
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