[eDebate] ADA Rules Survey Primer

Galloway, Ryan W. rwgallow
Fri Sep 7 22:20:50 CDT 2007

Greetings all,

I am beginning a research project on the American Debate Association.  I am planning on conducting a survey at the Liberty tournament of debaters, coaches, and judges who frequent ADA tournaments.

At this stage I am looking for input on what kinds of questions to ask.  I was wondering if anyone had any input on questions of:

ADA rule enforcement (do you feel judges enforce the rules a lot, not very much, etc.)
The clarity of the ADA rules (do you feel they are clear/unclear, etc.)
The amount of times the ADA rules change (do you feel it is just about right, that they change too much etc.)
Do you feel judges would enforce the rules more if they were different?  (i.e. if the rules were more kritik friendly, etc.)

Do you feel the ADA is a successful organization for promoting novice/jv debate?
Do you think the content rules of the ADA bolster the organization's mission to promote novice/jv debate?
Do you think the points system of the ADA bolsters regional/novice/jv debate?
Are there other features of the ADA that bolster regional/novice/jv debate?

In addition to any quantitative feedback on these questions, I am looking for any other concerns/comments people have on the ADA.  Basically, I'm looking to get qualitative feedback so I can best put together a quantitative survey on these questions.  Please backchannel me any information you have.  I will keep any input you provide at this juncture confidential.

Hope all is well.

Dr. Ryan Galloway
Samford University
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