[eDebate] Ducks eat Wolverines

Trond E. Jacobsen Trond
Sat Sep 8 19:56:32 CDT 2007

Nick Lougee and I sat in Sec 31 Row 4 in the very heart of the Michigan 
student section, wearing Oregon colors proudly, 20 ft. from the camera 
boom.  Those Oregon fans you saw as the camera closed in on the student 
section late in the beat down?  Us.

Some observations.

Worst beat down in nearly 40 years in the Big House.

Fickle fans started turning on the coach about 7:15 left in the 2nd quarter.

Then the peanuts, beach balls, and water aimed at us.

Then from a select few, the verbal harangues.  The best?  "Osama 
graduated from Oregon with a degree in terrorism.  Go USA"

Then they turned on Henne.

Then about half way into the 3rd quarter started going all Lord of the 
Flies on each other.

Then fans started streaming out of the stadium.

By the beginning of the 4th quarter, chanting all but stopped, with 
only a few committed souls meekly whispering "go blue!"

Priceless memories.

Go Ducks.

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