[eDebate] GSU Tournament -- Call for Entry, Judges, and Caselist Info

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Tue Sep 11 08:11:42 CDT 2007

Looking at debateresults.com, I see that several schools I think are
attending have not entered online yet. Please do so as soon as possible if
you are planning to come.

We are looking to hire judges for the tournament, so if you are going to be
in the ATL or can get a ride, drop me an e-mail at joe.bellon at gmail.com.
Also, if you have extra rounds available and would like some extra cash, let
me know.

Also, please remember that we would like all affs to send us a comprehensive
1AC outline with cites. Send all caselist info to: gsucaselist at gmail.com.
The totally awesome Alysia Davis will once again be helming our
information-gathering effort.

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