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Tue Sep 11 14:42:29 CDT 2007

  News From UC Berkeley Debate

  We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website www.evtub.com

Evtub is a new online evidence store sponsored by the Cal debate team. 
Our goal is to provide updated, comprehensive research throughout the 
debate season, in addition to a variety of learning tools to help you or 
your debaters reach the next level of excellence.

What can you find at www.evtub.com <http://evtub.com>?

    Berkley Summer Camp Files

Cal runs one of the largest and most exclusive debate camps in the 
country. All evidence produced at the camp is available for purchase. 
These files will provide the crucial base for the upcoming debate season 
and updates for them will be available as the season progresses 
guaranteeing you will never be caught unprepared.

    Debate Blogs

Some of the top debate minds in the country will be posting weekly 
articles about debate strategy, arguments, and research. The blogs are 
free, and if you register for free you will be able to post comments and 
get your questions on the topics discussed answered.


The most update intensive argument in debate will be taken to the next 
level at Evtub. Our file will be published after other sites have called 
it a day and will include 2AC blocks to other for sale politics files 
saving you pre round and 2AC prep time. The files will be 7 dollars and 
will not require a seasonal subscription, buy only what you need.

    Death to the Kritik

Our kritik answer series will include extensive blocks against all the 
major negative terrors. They will also include extensive advice on how 
to make rebuttal argument selection, respond to the negatives cheating, 
and how to make sure your case doesn't become irrelevant.

    Topic updates

In addition to politics we will be offering a comprehensive update file 
for major tournaments on things like economic growth, US leadership and 
soft power, international relations, and common affirmative advantages 
such as aids, malaria etc.

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