[eDebate] Novice Eligiblity Question

Jillian A. Marty jmarty
Tue Sep 11 19:49:01 CDT 2007


I have a new debater and I am not sure whether or not she will be a novice or jv
debater. She debated for one year 5 tournaments. But she debated in the Bergen
County Debate League that has 5 mins for each constructive, 2 mins for open
cross ex ( they don?t speaker assign cross ex) 3 mins prep time and 3 mins for
rebuttals. They also have like funky rules like aff must include 30 summary of
1ac plan text, voting on desirability, JV debaters can?t debate more than 2
tournaments varsity before they are forced to more up and etc.

If anyone can give me a idea what level she should be in I would greatly
appreciate it.


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