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1) Judges provide an incredible service to the debate community, but are 
far too often ignored, undervalued, and/or simply screamed at after a 
debate... To begin redressing this problem, and to recognize the 
dedication and effort that goes into quality judging, UNLV is proud to 
announce that will be providing an award to the "top judge" at the Las 
Vegas Classic Debate Tournament.  The award is a very nice World Poker 
Tour 300 chip poker set.  The top judge will be selected by the student 
tournament participants in a democratic fashion.  Individualized ballots 
for each student participant will be distributed at registration. 

We believe in a simple criteria for selecting the top judge.  The ballot 
will ask, "Which judge at the Las Vegas Classic Debate Tournament 
represents the best qualities that you look for in a judge?  These 
qualities may include: integrity, intelligence, commitment to education, 
dedication to making the "right" decision, and a consistent effort to be a 
quality judge."

These ballots can be turned in at any time (either at registration or at 
the tab table), but they must be turned in by the conclusion of the final 
debate on Sunday evening.  Late ballots will not be accepted. 

2) The Las Vegas Classic Debate Tournament invitation stated that "Each 
school is responsible for providing four rounds of judging for each team 
entered"--even though this is a seven round tournament.  This is because 
we will inevitably reach a point in round 7 where it becomes very 
difficult to place judges and honor prefs (especially considering the 
large entries by a few schools and the divergent judge prefs of many of 
the teams). 

Please know the following: if you have only 1 team entered (I believe that 
at this point this is ONLY Vermont, Marist, Augie, and JCCC), we reserve 
the right to use you for a 4th debate, but will try to avoid it.  If you 
have 2 teams, you will judge a total of 7 debates, and if you have more 
than 1 judge at the tournament we reserve the right to hit one of you up 
to judge an 8th debate, but will try to avoid that too.  In other words, 
if you have 2 teams and 2 judges, at least one of your judges will have to 
judge a minimum 4 round commitment.  If you have any questions or 
concerns, please contact me via email.

*Disclaimer: Some of the 2nd point in this email "resembles" the email 
just sent out by Glen Frappier...That's because parts of his email have 
been cut and pasted into this one, and the general inspiration for it came 
from him--thanks Glen.


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