[eDebate] DC Urban Debate League 2007-2008 Tournament Schedule

Carlos Varela carlos
Wed Sep 12 12:55:06 CDT 2007

Hello gracious and wonderful volunteers of the DC Urban Debate League!

I just now returning from my summer-long furlough which ends at the end of
September and in the process of getting the year started up again.

The coaches have met and decided on a schedule for this year, which is
provided below. Please mark your calendars. As usual, please let me know of
your availability as early as possible to help me in coordinating

 Our first tournament of the year is to be held at Hyde Leadership
 Public Charter School, located at:

 101 T Street NE 
 Washington, DC 20002
 Phone: (202) 529-4400

 There are two ways to get there via public transportation.

 1-Take the metro rail to New York Ave metro station. That leaves you on the
corner of NY avenue and Florida, walk up Eckington Pl (toward the Wendy's).
May sound odd, but you will be looking for steps, that will take you to the
parking lot of the school right next door, McKinley Tech. The two schools
are literally, shoulder to shoulder. The secretary of the school endorses
this method despite sounding complex as she does it with her 10 year old
every day, and takes her 12 minutes.

 2-The other option would be to get off at the Union Station Metro station,
and then take the 80 bus (labeled Brooklyn or Fort Totten), which will take
you directly north on North Capital. Get off at North Capital and T street.
Take a right on T and walk 1.5 blocks to Hyde, which will be on your left.

 Please, if you are available, even if for part of the day, every round of
judging helps. 

 Thank you, 

 Carlos Varela

 9/22/07 DCUDL High School 1
 9/29/07 DCUDL Middle School 1
 10/27/07 DCUDL High School 2
 11/3/07 DCUDL Middle School 2
 12/8/07 DCUDL High School 3/DCUDL Middle School 3
 2/2/08 DCUDL High School 4
 2/9/08 DCUDL Middle School 4
 3/8/08 DCUDL High School 5
 3/15/08 DCUDL Middle School 5
 4/19/08 DCUDL High School 6
 4/26/08 DCUDL Middle School 6
 5/31/08 DCUDL League Championships

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