[eDebate] Harvard and NDT Biz

Sherry Hall shahall
Wed Sep 12 18:35:24 CDT 2007

Hey Everyone --

I wanted to remind people who have not yet paid their NDT dues for this year that the dues are $50.00.  The postcards sent out by the AFA said $45.00.  I will also be happy to accept payment for your dues at Georgia State and Kentucky.

The Harvard tournament invitation was posted today.  Our sales representative at the hotel said that she didn't think anyone had made reservations for the hotel yet.  I was under the impression that a couple of schools had made reservations.  If you have already made reservations, please send an email to our contact in the sales office so she can make sure you get the rate we negotiated and the free internet.  Her name is Esmie Edwards.  Her email address is: esmie.edwards at sheraton.com.

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