[eDebate] GSU Entertainment

Paul Mabrey III pem6751
Fri Sep 14 07:26:29 CDT 2007

FYI: Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are playing Sept. 22 at the Arena at Gwinnett Center at 7pm. Tickets are still available as of this morning. It is about 27 miles and 30  minutes away from campus, according to mapblast. 

Also a local favorite from Athens, I think, A Hope For a Golden Summer is playing Friday night at the Earl with Magnolia Electric Co. A kind of funky Appalachian country funk rock twist. 9:30pm, $10. 7 miles and 9 minutes away from campus according to mapblast. This should be a good time. The Earl is a fun venue in what many consider a hip part of Atlanta. 


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