[eDebate] DC & Baltimore area folks- college debate judges needed tomorrow afternoon.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Sep 15 19:06:05 CDT 2007


As we get ready for the second day of the Thurgood Marshall tournament here
at Towson, we might be able to use some outround judging. We don't need a
whole day worth of judging and we can make it with what we have, but if you
are interested in taking a little bit of time to help us out with the first
or second outround it would be greatly appreciated, we cant pay but we can
feed you. You are welcome to come for the whole day (pairings are released
at 8:00 AM) but the time when we really need people is from about 1:00 to
6;00. If you are interested you can either email me or give me a

Thank you
Andy Ellis
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