[eDebate] Thurgood Marshall Results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Sep 16 17:53:38 CDT 2007

After 6 rounds of competition at the Thurgood Marshall season opener we have
some results

First, special recognition goes out to  two true  novice teams  from West
Virginia who started the season and their debate careers by entering in a
collapsed division that provided very difficult competition .

Frank Annie & Ryan Lynch
Lynnise Doty & Marlie Whipkey

Second, JV Speakers
1. Tom Bako- (Towson BM)
2. Kathryn Wright (Pittsburgh LW)
3. Jeff Kurr (Pittsburgh KW)
4. Katie Santmyer (West Virginia DS)
5. Sisi Liu (Pittsburgh LW)

Third, Open Speakers
1. Ben Crossan (Binghamton CW)
2. Tansy Woan (Binghampton CW)
3. Corey Casbarro (Binghampton CR)
4. Sebastian Rodriguez (Binghampton CR)
5. Chris Kozak (Marist KL)
6 Margeaux Lippman (Marist KL)
7. Andrea Militaru (Towson MV)
8. Jennifer Sweeney (Pittsburgh BS)
9. Hong Mei Pang (Towson MP)
10. Ignacio Evans (Towson EV)

Fourth JV Breakout Rounds
1)Towson EV (Ignacio Evans & Erica Vaughn ) vs 4)Towson MP
2)Towson/CCBC PG(Nick Pilger & Ebone Grissette) vs WVU DS (Mallory  Duley &
Katie Santmyer) - West Virginia Advances

This sets up the following final round
1) Towson EV vs WVU DS - Maritato

Fifth Open Out Rounds
Note- Johns Hopkins CC/P Minhaj (Chowdhury & Chris Connolly with the
assistance of Kevin Park) went 4-2 and cleared as the 5th seed but had to
leave before elim rounds. Congratulations to Scott Gottbreht and all of the
Hopkins debaters for an outstanding first showing for this season, as they
begin to build what i am sure will be an amazing program!

1) Binghamton CW (Ben Crossan & Tansy Woan) Def. 8)Pittsburgh LW (Sisi Liu &
Kathryn Wright) 3-0, Baron, Ellis, Diggs
2) Binghamton CR (Corey Casbarro & Sebestian Rodriguez) Def. 7) West
Virginia GS (Samantha Godbey & Kayden Skinner) 3-0, Saindon, Rief, Packer
3) Pitt BS (Sarah Banducci & Jennifer Sweeney) Def. 6) Towson MV (Andreea
Militaru & Lia Voinova) 2-1, Gottbreht, Boggs*, Berch
4) Marist KL (Chris Kozak & Margeaux Lippman) Def. 5) Pittsburgh KW(Jeff
Kurr & Katie Walzer) 3-0, Burch,Skinner, Wagner

1) Binghampton CW Vs 4)Marist KL --  Rief, Saindon, Packer
2) Binghampton CR Vs 3) Pitt BS-- Wagner, Diggs, Baron

Sixth, Thank you and more updates will be coming soon!
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