[eDebate] GSU entries

Mike Davis davismk13
Mon Sep 17 10:58:23 CDT 2007

Some schools have still not entered any judging for GSU. Please do so as
soon as possible.

Additionally, we can still used some more rounds to add some flexibility to
the judge pool. If you have a partial commitment (or are in the Atlanta area
and want to judge) please let me know. We will pay for extra rounds and will
improve the prefs for everyone.

The entry deadline is tomorrow at midnight, but that does not mean you have
to wait until the last minute if you have changes in your entry.

Finally, there are a ton of judges entered who do not have any judge
philosophy. Please remedy this - it is critical that those filling out the
preference sheets have some idea of who it is they are preferring.


Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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