[eDebate] UNI quick results and thanks

Catherine Palczewski Catherine.Palczewski
Tue Sep 18 14:15:24 CDT 2007

Hey all,

I wanted to send out some quick shout-outs to folks.

First off, big thanks to the folks who  judged open finals:
David Hingstman
Malcolm Gordon
David Cram Helwich
They were an outstanding panel for what was an extremely close debate.

Also, big thanks to the Kansas State and Missouri State coaches/judges 
for volunteering to judge the 2 partials debates on Sunday night. It was 
great to know I had willing volunteers to judge these two 9pm debates.

Finally, congrats goes out to the winners.

In Novice, Minnesota defeated Miami in the finals. BIG kudos to this new 
program, which also had a team in elims in the open division. It is 
great to see the return of the U of Minnesota to debate!!!

In JV, UMKC defeated ISU in finals. UMKC had a great showing in JV, with 
3 teams in semis.

In Open, Miami GV defeated Kansas PQ, in a round that took a while to 
decide, but was still announced before 9pm.

The casebook info will be posted to the wiki soon -- thanks to the 
volunteer work of Sarah Spring of Miami U. Thanks for the casebook 
content should go to Ian Beier.

Finally, thanks to all of you who visited the UNI campus.

Complete results will be posted to debateresults by the end of the day.

Cate Palczewski
UNI Debate

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