[eDebate] GSU entries and judge prefs

Mike Davis davismk13
Wed Sep 19 11:20:29 CDT 2007

Entry is now closed. Please send all changes directly to me.

Judge preferences for the open division are also up. We are going to do a
modified judge preference system for novice and JV and preference sheets
will be available to registration. If you are not going to be there for
registration please let me know as soon as you know.

We can still use more rounds. We have about 30 extra rounds. We normally
have about 70 rounds. The more rounds we have the better your prefs will be.
This is especially true for the novice and JV divisions. Miami and Samford
have already added extra rounds to make preference happen in novice and JV
if you have teams in those divisions (or just like novice and JV folks) and
are willing to donate some extra rounds to help with pref in those divisions
please consider doing so.

Any questions or problems let me know.


Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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