[eDebate] debate results technical suggestion/ question

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Sep 20 17:35:48 CDT 2007

After the umpteenth time that i have done a day of prefs then heart
piercingly lost them into the etherweb  and convinced myself that i made a
mistake and not that debateresults is buggy, i think i have an idea. One of
the things i most appreciate about wiki's is the ability to revert to
previously saved versions so when wikispace gets buggy you can, if you are
even reasonably dilligent about saving revert to a saved copy. I can imagine
this might strain the database even more and make more timeouts, but
hopefully we are not operating that close to the edge of capacities anyway,
and a 24 hour history file could be created. I dont know how difficult this
would be, i have ideas about changing the naming format of an autosave to
include a datestamp, and then a button called format that turns your last
file in to the one that gets downloaded, but thats neither here nor
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