[eDebate] Heart of Texas Invitational seeks policy debate judges

Pacedebate at aol.com Pacedebate
Sun Sep 23 21:10:10 CDT 2007

Our tournament is Oct. 18-21 with debates starting Friday morning (Oct. 19)  
and concluding on Sunday in the early evening.
We seek to hire several judges committed to switch side policy debate. We  
pay well (at least $30 per round), provide a hotel room (no more than two people 
 to a room) and are willing to cover transportation costs.
If you are interested please email me at _pacedebate at aol.com_ 
(mailto:pacedebate at aol.com) 
Tim  Mahoney
Director of Debate, St. Mark's School of Texas
10600 Preston  Road
Dallas, TX 75230
214-734-3673 cell
425-740-9130  fax

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