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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Sep 25 19:05:04 CDT 2007

So, here is my take on this

right now we have no real capacity to stop them from dying, we can do
everything we want and try hard, but if a schools wants to defund a team
under our current structure we simply lack the capacity to make sure the
funding is there for the students and coaches...as ceda moves toward 40, its
time for it to grow up as an organization and actually have a capacity to
provide emergency support to the programs facing the axe. This would require
utilizing the non profit status of ceda in a way that allowed it to be a
full time organization along the lines of a sports regulatory body. We need
to begin to work to raise funds for paid ceda staff who can focus on the
issues raised by the decline of programs and also secure the resources
needed to provide support to programs in trouble.

Fundraisers and executives could do it not as their ninth or tenth job but
as their primary focus. The people who are in their ninth or tenth job could
serve as an active board still maintaining broad powers over the
constitution, but much of the implementation is full time work and if we
really aim to promote and project our goals and ideas we need people wholly
committed to implementing these strategies.

Now specifically my proposal would be to form two main fundraising goals,
one would involve a pool of funds to support developmental tournaments in
regions that need accessible tournaments, and the programs that come out of
that. The other would provide an emergency relief fund for programs to
continue debating for up to two years after a substaintial funding cut, with
limited extensions possible. There could be a criteria for evaluation and
the amount of emergncy funding allocated could be in a transparent and
constitutionally mandated formula.

All of this is not actually that far beyond the reach of a full time team
working on building funds, but is probably impossible when we dont have the
people to put the human resources into making it happen, NONE OF THIS IS TO
AT ALL KNOCK ANY WORK ANY ONE IS DOING, just to suggest that if we really
want to stop this trend we need to grow ceda into an organization that can
protect its members, but also has the infrastructure to tackle our lofty but
in my mind attainable goals.

To me there are at least two types of fundraising. Bake Sales et al . These
are good for small things like raising money for trophies , or maybe even a
singular trip, but they provide almost no relief against whole sale under or
de funding. Then there are professional fundraising strategies, grants,
donations, strategic partnerships, endorsements, etc...you know where i am
going with this. To me we have a lot of people in this community capable of
and engaging in many of the latter projects, but wherever we are on the
continuim the infrastructural capacity is much closer to a bake sale model
and that holds back the potential of the membership to transform ceda into a
national organization capable of attaining the national recognition we
should be able to achieve.

This is not an ending of this conversation by any means


On 9/25/07, Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote:
> Friends,
> I read the story that Tuna provided a link to today in his blog.  Again I
> was stunned.  Part of my role as a CEDA Executive (in my opinion) is to take
> notice of these situations and call on the organization to officially act.
> Your thoughts and comments could be helpful.  I know its the beginning of
> the year and we are all under the gun in terms of getting cards cut, pouring
> over the case lists, etc.  If a program like UMKC can face this crisis, how
> many programs in the country are truly safe?
> I sent the following email today to the CEDA leadership:
> The recent story posted by Tuna regarding UMKC debate is very
> troubling.  NDT finalists, ranked in the top 10 Nationally in CEDA for many
> years throughout two decades, and they face this crisis.  It is time CEDA
> responds and responds swiftly.  I am open to thoughts and suggestions about
> how we should proceed.  We cannot let another program fall under the axe and
> sit idly by.
> I am uniquely situated as I know the student govt. rep named in that
> article.  He is a good friend of 2 of my debaters.  I plan to contact him
> directly and see what the deal is--Im sure there is more than what was in
> the paper.
> In the meantime, how should we proceed as officials?
> thanks,
> chief
> Darren Elliott
> Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
> CEDA 1st VP
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