[eDebate] Bear Shock Prefs are Online

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Thu Sep 27 17:37:14 CDT 2007

Several things:


1. Prefs are now up online. They are due by 1pm on Friday. If you don't have a chance to fill them out, you can do so at registration - but, in that case, they would take effect Round 3. 


2. I hope to hand out pairings at 7pm for registration. It is possible they will be retracted if there are drops. If you have a drop, please call my cell as soon as possible. My cell is 417-496-7141. If you expect to arrive late, I'd appreciate a call or email saying that your entries are all "in order". If you email me, consider including a cell number in case there's a need to consult during registration.


3. We have judging covered, but not with much room. If you are willing to hire an extra round, either overall or "if you really need me", please tell me so.


4. If you are using judges without philosophies, please try to add them (or at least some bio information). 


5. Right now, our entries are 31 (open), 25 (JV), and 9 (nov), which means clearing 15 in open, 12 in JV, and 4 in novice. I hope to run JV/Open partial octos & novice finals on Sunday night, and start with JV/open quarters on Monday. I may make adjustments if I lose too many judges, however. The judge pool will be really tight during the partials round, so expect to be judging!


6. We will have a supplemental strike sheet including our coaches & older debaters (JV/Nov) at registration. 


7. As per the invite, we have entered teams; they are award eligible & may clear. We will also clear swing teams, but not break brackets. We will divide our coaching staff such that individuals are either tab administration or coaching (not both) and will have Cate Palczewski in tab for any decisions that impact our teams. If you experience any concerns about this policy, please speak to me so we can consider adjustments for future "bear shocks".


8. I am operating under the assumption that any judge listed in open is either out of eligibility or forfeiting remaining eligibility. Natalie Pennington falls into the latter category. When a similar situation arose a few years ago, some felt odd about having a judge they had previously debated on the topic. We intend to conflict her on any such individual. If you have concerns beyond that, please contact me.


9. Judge strikes will be honored as much as possible. With prefs operating in all divisions, it is possible to burn entire critics depending on the strike pattern. We always hold the option to place a struck judge if absolutely necessary, but have been able to avoid it for several years despite prefs in all divisions. Hopefully, we will continue!


See you tomorrow night at 7pm ish - if you'll be late or have changes, please call me ASAP!



Missouri State


Dr. Eric Morris
Asst Prof of Communication & Director of Forensics
Craig Hall 366A, Dept of Communication
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