[eDebate] hey, you should come to the richmond tournament

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Thu Sep 27 20:28:46 CDT 2007

10.  over half the teams clear (because UR teams add to the pool size but can't clear)...you can go 3-4 and still have a break round.
9. beautiful campus...watch the leaves turn in central Virginia 
8. novice teach-in.  enough said--this is seriously awesome for newbies.
7. entries include lunches...pretty good all-you-can-eat campus food
6. reasonable hotel prices (less than 70) near campus...24 hour sheetz next to hotel
5. red wood engraved pens for the top 10 speakers in all 3 divisions
4. healthy competition and judge preferences in all three divisions
3. trophies you can use (fairly sweet engraved timers) for each team member in out rounds (through octos)
2. on schedule and reliable tabbing (scott luchetti is in charge)
1. it's a debate tournament
there's stil time to make plans.

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