[eDebate] UMKC, CEDA, and Student Fees

Gordon Stables stables
Thu Sep 27 22:16:53 CDT 2007

In the last few days you have likely read about some of the budgeting
decisions being made at UMKC. The CEDA leadership is coordinating with the
Director of Debate at UMKC and is involved with the efforts to support
debate at that storied institution.

It is important to keep in mind that budgetary processes are difficult at
universities across the country and the realities are often more complex
than any of us appreciate. At UMKC, for example, there are many
administrators who have been and remain strongly supportive of debate and
who are committed to the future of the program. 

This specific issue here is one that one that many programs may face - the
use of student activity fees for a variety of programs, including debate. 

This is where we need you, the CEDA membership, to help us compile specific
data about how student activities fees are used to support debate. We are
looking for information about which programs receive funding - full or
partial - from student body funds.  We know you have likely done versions of
this survey in the past, but it is important that we develop data
specifically on student fees at this time.
Please take a moment and return this brief survey.  The results will be
reported only in aggregate form - your school, program or particular budget
figures won't be reported in the final statement or reports.

1.	Does your program receive any funds from student fees?
2.	If so, what share it is of your total travel budget? 
3.	What CEDA region are you part of? 
4.	Is your institution a:
	a.	Community College or two year program
	b.	Four Year Private University
	c.	Four Year Public University

Thanks for taking the time.


Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
Director of Debate and Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
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