[eDebate] Ordinal ranks at Kentucky -- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Fri Sep 28 15:51:01 CDT 2007

First, ordinal ranks for Kentucky will be accepted via the debateresults
website.  There are several NEW on-line tools that will help in these
efforts, described below.


Second, that means that everyone's entry will go into debateresults.  I
will be inputting the entry info off of the edebate lists over the
weekend, but if you can do your own entry that will make sure that you
have your entry right and will save me some time.  If you can, please
re-enter Kentucky via debateresults ASAP.


Third, the mechanism for using automated ordinal ranks is outlined in
detail on the debateresults site.  Follow the "Manage Master Pref lists"
link from the main page of debateresults.  You can follow the directions
for creating a master pref list and create that list right now; the list
will utilize your prefs from prior tournaments to generate a list you
can then edit.


As a pep talk, there is a good chance that the NDT will again require
ordinal ranking of judges.  I don't want to speak out of turn or speak
for the NDT Committee or the NDT Director, but the tab staff feedback
from the ordinal rank system last year was quite positive and my
informal guess is that some system of the sort will probably be used
this year.  If you create and maintain these ordinal lists now, you
should be able to judge upload those lists come NDT time.


I will dedicate as much of my time as possible from Monday on to help
everyone get their ranks in.




The web site can generate an initial list of judges ranked ordinally
based on your prefs from the NDT last year and any tournament you've
been to this year.  You can then load that list to the Kentucky prefs;
any judge on your list will be put in the correct ordinal rank.  Then
use the ordinal ranking pref screen to rank the rest of the judges; this
screen has been modified since the last NDT to make the task a little


Here are the steps:


1)       Create a master pref list; the instructions are on the "Manage
Master Pref lists" link.

2)       When the Kentucky judge prefs go live, follow the normal
"prefs" link and use the Master Pref list.

3)       Use the ordinal ranks judge entry page (it will be the default
judge preference sheet) to rank any un-ranked judges and tweak the final



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