[eDebate] Laramie Round One Open Pairings

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Sep 28 17:48:49 CDT 2007

I will have pairings for rounds 1-4 tonight at the Library Tavern on 17th and Grand, from 8-11 PM.  Here are round one pairings:
1AC start time: 9:00 AM 
Denver MM (AFF) vs Idaho State BB, room CR 103, Nichols, Jason
Idaho State DR (AFF) vs Weber PR, room CR 113, Crowe, Chris
Idaho State FM (AFF) vs Wyoming NP, room CR 209, Tews, Richard
Idaho State KM (AFF) vs Denver/Wyoming LS, room CR 118, Foy, John
Weber AM (AFF) vs Wyoming HM, room CR 207, Partlow-Lefevre, Sarah
Weber BW (AFF) vs Wyoming BJ, room CR 142, Schrader, Brian
Weber HH (AFF) vs Wyoming BB, room CR 147, Flinn, Skippy
Idaho State DN BYE
If you are not listed as a judge on this pairing, please check with me for the rookie pairings.  Thanks!
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