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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Sep 30 22:08:23 CDT 2007

Hello as the tournament next weekend approaches here are a few items of

1) Entries and judges

We currently have 16 teams in open/jv and 4 in novice.Additional entries are
expected from marist, in novice. We are still waiting on entries from
Binghamton and the New York coalition and Johns Hopkins. That should put a
few more teams in  novice and a decent amount more in JV/open. There are
several local entry possibilities including a BCCC/ Howard swing, a ccbc, a
loyola, and a few other students. I will keep you updated on this.  Judges
are tight please cover yours so we can cover the students at programs
OUT ....

2) Breaks, Schedule, ADA sanctioning... The ADA sanctioning is a go. The
schedule and Breaks will be compliant. I will announce the final version of
this after seeing entries tomorrow night. Even if you do not know who is
debating with whom we need to know how much food to buy and we need to
figure out how the divisions will work. Dr. Mike Davis will be joining me in
the tab room.

3) Food. We will have some come on and get it.

4) Entertainment and advocacy. I expect the local community to be growing
this weekend. hopefully we will have several local debaters competing, as
well as some high school students who might come out and watch. Saturday
afternoon during lunch there will be an opportunity to interact with these
studenst as well as students from the Baltimore algebra project and the
Baltimore hip hop congress.

5) What i think is likely---(please dont treat this as at all official, that
will come out tomorrow.

With the Marist entries novice is at 6 i believe we can get it to  at least
9 , that would allow a partial quarter, any thing more is even better...JV
And Varsity will collapse for prelims, JV students will be eligible for
varsity outrounds and speaker awards but will also be eligible for junior
varsity out rounds and speaker awards. We are currently at 15 and i believe
will be at about 22. That means we can break 11 teams according to ada
rules, no must!( i know i can get an exemption i'm just excited to host an
ada sanctioned tournament) that would mean there has to be a partial octa
Sunday. In a two day schedule that creates complications 1 of two options
exists, a LONG day Saturday. or a potentially VERY LATE SUNDAY night . I am
ok with either and tomorrow when we know more it will be easier to decide.
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