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Fri Sep 7 15:47:09 CDT 2007

okay . . . .

first question of primary importance:  Will this year's tournament in Austin
again be referred to as "the Kinky" (as in Friedman)?

secondary question, which highlights some of the issue Scott raised earlier
this month:
What am I supposed to do if I budgeted for Chicago?

Now, I admit I bring this up as someone who will definitely have regional
travel options no matter the weekend, and who doesn't care about NDT bids,
but I'm in a privileged (geographical) place . . .

>From NYC where I have 3 major airports to choose from, it's over $115 more
per ticket to Austin than to Chicago. (Ironically, cheapest one flies
THROUGH Chicago).

Also, NW has been arranged in the past so that I haven't needed to rent a
car, a pretty significant cost.  I just reread the last Austin tournament
invitation (for Feb 06, posted in the Dec 05 edebate archives under Texas
Tournie Invite for those of you who hadn't been there like me, or are new
and looking for some preliminary details), and back then it seemed pretty
clear I'd need to rent a car (and pay for campus parking). Is this probably
still going to be true?

For two teams, that's about $750 more.  For those of you who's flights just
got cheaper this year, I'm excited. But just keep in mind some of us got
affected the other way.

Not against having the tournie at UT - would love to see folks, but this is
a good example of why Scott's concerns about invites and schedules are
pretty relevant, especially if your budget was submitted in May.  The post
about plans to 09 and beyond was incredibly helpful on this point though,
and I really appreciate it. Seems like a good start towards that goal.

(from the region where novices are plenty, and so is cold weather in

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