Omri Ceren ceren
Wed Sep 12 02:22:50 CDT 2007

So every week I have to clean out my spam filters to catch the one or 
two legit emails that slip into the dozens of spam lists that 
disgruntled readers sign me up for (true). This week, out of 2246 
messages that gMail had identified as spam, this was the only email that 
had been flagged "mistakenly" (also true).

Congratulations. In addition to the rest of the debate community, the 
most advanced parsing algorithms in the history of the known universe 
think that your pretentious digital scribbles should never have been 
written and certainly should not be read. Well done.


On 9/9/2007 8:00 AM Nathan Sweed wrote:
> Official GSU Disclosure:
> http://the.wonder.wonder.show.googlepages.com/disclosure
> Any other so-called disclosures are not the work of this, the original
> author, and are therefore void.
> -Ravenna Wilson***
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