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Josh jbhdb8
Tue Apr 1 13:22:39 CDT 2008


First and foremost I want to say thanks to Dylan and Adam for being such
great co-collaborators and debaters these last four years.  I cant thank you
two enough for all the work and time you put into a well-deserved great

Second a hearty "hail to the victors" to Seth and Alex who were incredible
all year...Loved judging them all year....Great team, great coaches, great
program, you all do it the right way (Chungs and Carlos and Lauren and the
rest of the crew as well).

Also a hearty congrats to Dartmouth, great run....sure you took our beloved
Jonah Feldman but its ok....Great job, incredible run.....And, I am almost
to the point where I can speak fluent Cade (which is pretty exciting).

A special jump up and down congrats to my very old friend Eric Morris, the
Walters sisters, Martin and Clay, the fabulous Mapes and Mapes and the whole
MOST crew.  I was thrilled to see you all take the CEDA 1st Speaker, NDT 1st
Speaker, and an NDT semi....wowowowowowow, what a great run for one of the
classiest crews around.  Enjoy a well-deserved end of the year!

Now, my coaches Aaron "Doggy Play Date" Kall, Whit "Farve will un-retire"
Whitmore, and Josh "Smooth Mormon" Clark...Thanks for your tireless and
incredible work all year.  Everyone knows how hard it can be to work with me
and every one of you has done it well and with grace all year.

To our NDT coaches Justin "Da Bears" Skarb, Scotty "Best Quick CPs + K
Strats in the World" Gottbreht, and Joe "known Josh long enough to keep him
sane" Carver - there is nothing better than walking in the war room (or war
bar table - with wireless of course) and seeing nothing but people who are
family working with you to help the debaters do something special.  As I am
sure all coaches know, working with your former debaters and friends makes
all the sleepless nights and stress seem actually special in a way "normal"
people just would not understand.

Thanks for all the hard work from the folks back at the ranch David Horn,
Lina Horn, Kevin Li, and Edmund Zagorin!!!!

Thanks to Jon Brushke for hosting the tournament, the work room was A+, the
food was A++, finding scouts for all those debates from your own scouts and
students was way above and beyond the call of duty and made good scouting
possible, just all around an incredible job!

Thanks to Gordon and the committee folks.  Becky and Maggie for doing the
scouting work, and the tab room for doing such a great job.

Now, last but not least....Thanks to "the Duck."  You have always been
incredibly supportive of me as a coach, free with me about advice and help
about how I could grow as a coach in the activity, and an incredible judge
for my teams.  It is going to be so strange not to see you at tournaments
(although I am certain you will still find your way to some).  Anyway, thank
for always being a great mentor.

Now, I also try to mention a few people I watched during the year that I
think have BIG things to look forward to next year.  Nate and Strauss from
Whitman college - not sure I have seen a team as quickly as these two are
improving at such a rapid rate.  Anyone who saw them against the Mapes' in
Partials or at the MSU JV Nats knows they are for real.

Eric and Gus....you got a first round...so you dont need me saying it...but
you guys are the truth (Carly too).

Meggie Mapes - you better keep debating...you are FIERCE!

Leah and Gary from Gonzaga are going to be very good same with Abe and
James....Going to be some great debate in the Northwest next year.

Brian Rubai.....one of the most talented young debaters in the
country.....and one of the nicest guys....Good Luck next year!!!

Of course I wanted to leave the best for last - CONGRATS to Ewing and Casey
for being the first team from UCO since around 1989 to clear at the National
Debate Tournament.  Eric and the coaching staff you are doing an AMAZING job
and I will make sure all the Broncho alum know it!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the congrats and well-wishes throughout
the tournament,

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