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Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Wed Apr 2 15:42:47 CDT 2008

Thank you to all the folks who worked so hard to put on CEDA and the NDT.
They are huge undertakings and everyone who helped to put them on deserves
more gratitude than they will get.  Congrats to everyone who attended - both
those who did well and those who wish to have done better.  Remember that,
even if you were 0-8, you made it there and there are lots of people who
would love to have had that experience.

After CEDA we got an article in the Baltimore Sun.  You might be interested
in reading the article itself but likely you already know most of what it
says.  I'd encourage a look, though, at some of the comments the article
inspired  http://www.topix.net/forum/source/baltimore-sun/T34KK45HBAGO3K2IF).
Some of the comments are nice but a lot of them are pretty awful.  I've
pasted a few examples below.  Before your instincts to card cutting,
answering and arguing start in, I'd ask just that you see and feel these
comments for what they are and for what they say about the place we all live
in.  Beth

1) More proof that blacks are incapable of living by white standards or
living within a white western nation.  Even they realize they shouldn't have

2) Ignoring the rules and calling people who may protest racists. Seems like
most African-Americans have a good shot at a debate championship.  In terms
of being pathetic, these two posers don't hold a candle to the judges. And
these institutions are charging tens of thousands of dollars for their
worthless diplomas. What a crime.

3) Roman empire, British empire. They all ended. The American empire, this
great nation of ours, is now seeing the sun set. It was nice while it
lasted. This is how it starts, with the degradation of morals and rules,
usually by an inferior minority presence usurping on the majority culture
like a kind of cancer, at first killing the morally weak and then moving on
to as many others as possible. Yeah, discrimination is to blame for all the
woes of the blacks. I am Jewish. Let me tell you something. If
discrimination is a determinant of failure, the Jews should all be drooling
idiots, diapered and moaning. Discrimination is a sad and persistant black
excuse for an appalling lack of intellectual capital. It all started when
whites mistakenly put black culture on an equal footing with white culture,
claiming that its "racist" to do anything else. Not enough space to say how
I really feel, but I'm sure most readers understand what I am saying. Is
there any hope now. I don't think so. This freakish self destruction of
white society has acquired a momentum that is irreverseable.
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