[eDebate] (no subject)

Maggie Berthiaume maggiekb
Wed Apr 2 18:57:29 CDT 2008

I haven't responded to a post on edebate in at least five years.  But  
- reading the posts this afternoon I was disappointed in our  
community.  There are so many things we do so well - why can't we  
make protecting the future reputation of our own one of them?

This is easy to fix - offensive posts could be removed.  Maybe you  
even need the writer of the post to agree to it - it doesn't seem  
like it would be hard to do that.  I don't think we need to "fire"  
Phil Kerpen (someone for whom I have nothing but the greatest respect  
for running edebate), but I have yet to see a good argument why he's  
unwilling to remove the post.  I really wish he would help us out  
here - maybe there's something we're missing, but it seems like we  
should be able to remove this post and not the rest of the archives.

I googled Kacey to see what the fuss was about - the post is  
obviously inappropriate.  It's not like she's asking to have a post  
about a debate she lost removed - it's an *untrue* post about a  
seriously personal matter.  While it may not lead to her being passed  
over for a job, it means that if she gets to the interview, they're  
talking about edebate rather than her obvious credentials.  There's  
no reason for that to happen.

Keep the edebate archives - but ditch this post (and any  
objectionable others).


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