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David Marks dgm2109
Wed Apr 2 19:22:14 CDT 2008

Everything Scott said is true.

Yes, Kacey went overboard with calling for Kerpen's removal. Yes, Kerpen
does a whole lot of good. But that doesn't mean you can disqualify her
genuine feelings on this matter.

As someone who has gone through almost a hundred law interviews and knows
many other people who have as well, I am horrified by Hester's
paternalistic, ignorant, and generally insensitive email.

If you're looking at a top firm and they have two equally good candidates
but limited spots to offer even at the interview stage, you MAY NOT GET AN
INTERVIEW IN THE FIRST PLACE. This may be a corporate firm. It can also be a
civil rights firm, a class action plaintiff firm, or even the Attorney
General's office. So take your "lawyers bad" DA and shove it.

Firms often make decisions on trivial information because they have so many
people to choose from. They don't have time to interview you for more than
20 minutes at a time. You don't want to spend 5 of those minutes talking
about some stupid edebate post.

Yes, they do judge you on how you eat and how you dress, etc. It's not just
image - it's the fact that your clients ALSO google you. If you're in house
counsel and see this about an associate who is working on your case, you're
going to ask about it. Too much money is at stake and even if it's wrong, it
will affect decisions. Even if it doesn't affect decisions, you'll have to
sit there worrying about it. This when you already have a lot to worry

Does it suck? Yes. Is this all the more reason not to make it harder on the
people choosing to go through it? Yes. Is this just giving into the Man?
Shut up and eat your judgmentalism (if that's even a word). Some people
do firm work because they want to be rich (though those people really should
do investment banking). But a lot of people do it because they need/want
financial security (heard of law school loans?) or have to support other
people. Some people do it short term to get good and then switch into
something else. You don't know, so don't judge. And a hell of a lot of
people do it because they want cutting-edge, challenging work.

You would never, ever, ever, want your partner (a.k.a. boss who decides how
much you make and whether your life is wonderful or hell) to find emails
like that about you. I can't even imagine what it's like if you're a woman
in a law firm to think about your coworkers --- or a male-dominated
partnership --- circulating emails about you being a slut or whatever when
you're working your butt off trying to make them think of you as a lawyer
first instead of a sex object. And, most importantly, to be told that you're
powerless because that story is somehow important to the edebate memory or
identity or some such crap. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened.

Hester, I think you're a nice guy, but your email was uninformed and

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