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Brett Wallace brettawallace
Wed Apr 2 19:44:48 CDT 2008

People have made plenty of good arguments regarding law school interviews,
and I agree with all of them.

I figured I would also chime in and add that the security clearance process
is something even more grueling and intrusive than law school interviews,
and perception of maturity, excessive binge drinking, responsibility ect are
all contributing factors. People are rejected for minor reasons all of the
time, and I have even spoken to former debaters who have been denied
clearance for very minor indiscretions. Intelligence agencies often give out
multiple offers for the same position - and its a race to see whoever can
complete the clearance process the quickest. Complicating these intrusive
background checks with additional questions about untrue actions that are
found on the internet isn't something anyone applying for a clearance wants
to deal with.

I'm sure many people made decisions during undergrad that they sorely regret
and are trying to remedy in their life (me) - and I'm sure people have
posted stuff on edebate that they later regret posting (me). So we should
certainly allow deletion of posts on a case-by-case basis.

Brett A. Wallace
MA Candidate, Security Policy Studies
Elliott School of International Affairs
The George Washington University
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