[eDebate] This Discussion is Pointless and Will Burn Out In About A Week...

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Wed Apr 2 21:13:58 CDT 2008

..because you can't really do anything about it.

The impassioned posts and mutual insults miss a point.
 Your dueling screeds certainly impress, but you (as a
community) do not  appear to possess the requisite
combination of skills and attention to detail that
enabled Phil to successfully run edebate for a number
of years.

It seems fruitless to write really long posts yelling
at each other if you have absolutely no idea of how to
run the list, and no plausible candidate to do so. 

It's silly to resolve the normative side of the
question first, and the detail-oriented technical side
later.  If you're going to wail for a coup, you need
to have a successor and someone who actually knows how
the relevant machinery (be it guns or your own tech)

(Without entering into the debate over the relative
merits of deletion, I think the demands on Phil sound
- for lack of a better word - spoiled.

You need to factor in that this guy who's done free
labor for you for a long time may just not want to
deal with doing more unpaid labor.  Any time anyone
asks you to do an (unpaid) job that's "just a few
keystrokes" - you can be fairly confident that you
will have to do a large number of keystrokes.  Again. 
And again.  Then again.  Setting the precedent means
that Phil has to deal with constant demands for
adjustments to the collective memory of a community. 

"The partners are watching!  Someone said something
mean to me in 98!  I misspelled a word during Spring
Break 2k2!  I left out a comma in 2k4 and ALL the
partners at WilmerHale are grammar nazis!  I defended
a "Bush Bad" disad in 2k7 and I'll be both fired and
summarily executed if Jeb finds out!  The partners are

Yelling at Phil is pointless.  If you dislike the way
the list's run, you should either

a. run your own. 
b. pay someone to run one for you
c. pay Phil to do the labor you want from him.

Can you run your own list and fix it when it breaks or
gets hacked?  Will you do that?

No.  You won't.  So play nicer with Phil.  There's a
special place in hell for people who scream and rant
at whoever they perceive as "the help."  It's a
Bennigan's.  You're a waiter.  It never closes. 
Everyone is drunk and screaming.  Everyone wants 3-4
"easy" substitutions in their order...

and your shift never, ever ends.

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.  

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