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David Marks dgm2109
Wed Apr 2 21:28:53 CDT 2008

I will not make another post on this issue after this.

Antonucci, I really like you and respect you, but no one has yelled at
Kerpen besides Kacey. I've been solely responding to the anti-Kacey posts
and their willingness to discount everything she said because she also
happened to say something stupid (scapegoating and criticizing Kerpen).

Nonetheless, I don't think your infantilizing of my concern (which has been
validated by many others) is any more mature than the yelling you criticize.

First, most of the discussion says something should be done if possible. No
one is saying the whole burden should be on Kerpen. The discussion so far
has been, "let's talk about this so we can realize there's a problem, and
then try to work together and do something about it. BTW, Kerpen is
awesome." Some people have already volunteered to try to help. Every single
subsequent post has included a "Kerpen is great" or similar line.

Second, you're flat out wrong that people should not be allowed to say,
"uh.... can something be done about this" just because they don't know html.
Those people are the ones being affected. Argument by analogy is all the
rage these days. Should an illiterate person who works 18 hour days not be
allowed to say something about legislation that directly affects them
because they can't read or write a better bill? Does that mean they don't
appreciate their representatives who also work hard for them?

I'm sorry you think this is some sort of over-reacting "the partners are
watching!" scream but frankly it's reality for some of us. If you're a
lawyer, your clients will google your name every single time. It's no
Antonucci circa summer 1997, but please don't dismiss as childish concerns
expressed with genuine feeling by many of your friends.

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