[eDebate] one modest removal proposal

Josh Branson harobran
Wed Apr 2 23:13:34 CDT 2008

I would be willing to jump on board with some sort of policy where Phil charged a fee for each post he removed.  I don't know exactly what $ amount would satisfy all parties, and I'm a little unclear about the technology behind it, but I, as part of the demand for this service, would be willing to pay somewhere around $10/post. Because god knows I love the market, and certainly don't want Phil to have to do free labor, but at the same time, think that it's in everyone's best interest if Kacey, me, and others are able to pay for post removal. 
Even if this doesn't solve the "labor" issue that Antonucci points out, I think that if the fee is high enough, he could hire someone to take care of it. 
Would this not satisfy everyone involved? It would compensate Phil, it would preserve the market, it would deter overly zealous post removal and thus preserve transparency, and most importantly, it would protect young ex-debaters in their early employment endeavors. 
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