[eDebate] Clarify Re Antonucci

David Marks dgm2109
Wed Apr 2 23:47:19 CDT 2008

I violate my rule this time. Hunter's going to have a field day.

I don't think Atonucci really linked to my caricature DA. I still think he's
smart and still respect him, though I disagree about his prediction.

INDEPENDENTLY, I think Antonucci's point about labor is generally more
important than anything else he said in his email. We can't really be
reminded too much of it, whether its janitors, Phil, tournament directors,
or a whole host of people who don't really get respected all that much
because they aren't the first 1 in the pool. Everyone who has asserted that
"this is easy" links to that DA strong. It may not outweigh (I'm betting it
doesn't), but that's for Kerpen to decide.

Also, I think it's cool how Phil helped out Korcock.

$/post seems good to me. An objection might be that it blames the victim.
But not too much harm plus good incentive to avoid frivolous complaints. It
has a good incentive of causing people to think twice about what they post
in case it costs someone else money. (Bad incentive for bad people, but good
incentive for good people, which is most of the community).

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