[eDebate] Playing Favorites

Michael Eber mleber
Thu Apr 3 00:02:22 CDT 2008

Phil Kerpen should remove or scrub the messages regarding Kacey Wolmer from
the edebate archives.  He has done so in the past for his friends, and to
refuse doing so now would be blatantly playing favorites.
Back in May of 2006, Ryan Burke's DCA bio contained some ugly materials.  I
emailed Phil Kerpen and asked him, as a favor, to remove the objectionable
language from the archives.  I thought that the request was reasonable and
that MSU's payments to Phil of a hefty sum of money each year for banner ads
on Cross-x.com certainly wouldn't hurt the cause.  My recollection is that
Casey Harrigan, who contributed to Phil's Thursday file, also emailed Phil
asking for the same changes.  By the next day, the original post had been
altered as we had requested.  See for yourself:
I want to emphasize that Phil made the RIGHT decision back in May of 2006.
He should do the same again today.  If he is going to change the archives
for his friends (and clients), there is no good reason he cannot or should
not do the same for everyone.
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