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Alicia Hunt asked me to post this for her. Don't shoot the messenger.

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> From: "Alicia Hunt" <huntali1 at gmail.com>
> Date: April 3, 2008 1:06:29 AM GMT-04:00
> To: adamhfar at umich.edu
> Subject: re: hester/edebate moderation
> Adam, please post for me.
> Hester:
> This thread should not at all be about Kacey.  This thread should  
> be about what remedy the community is willing to come up with for a  
> very real problem with edebate and archiving messages.  I think  
> your paragraph about Kacey's character illustrates the point that a  
> lot of inappropriate things are said on edebate about real people  
> and they have unfortunate consequences beyond the immediate  
> readership.  I'm not even in the college community any more and I  
> was forwarded this message within the hour because it contains such  
> a negative caricature of Kacey, my friend.  If you want to think  
> the things you posted about her in private - more power to you, but  
> you obviously don't know her, so you should probably not share  
> those ideas with a mass audience.  "Insensitive debaters" are  
> sometimes real people who have spent years hearing lies, gossip,  
> and rumors spread about them for no good reason.  The "suffering"  
> you think she took great joy in is probably more aptly  
> characterized as "Kacey was an extremely talented policy debater  
> and enjoyed competing at the highest levels of the activity."   
> Would her humanity be an issue had she been a male participant?   
> Have you seriously ever characterized Jim or Geoff as being  
> insensitive and inflicting "suffering" on their opponents because  
> they like to win debates?  Perhaps it would have been more post- 
> modern or poetic for you had Kacey enjoyed handing her opponents  
> bags of feces in debates, but I think as a highly competitive woman  
> in debate, she realized that it was far more socially acceptable to  
> take shit than to dole it out.
> You are not required to "sympathize" with Kacey's personal  
> experiences in order to correct the edebate post/archiving messages  
> problem.  In fact, I don't think Kacey wants your sympathy - all  
> she ever asked for was that the community take responsibility for  
> policing its list messages!  I participated in DCA bios which were  
> very much over the line and I regret that now because it has  
> serious consequences beyond what I ever considered while writing  
> them.  I agree with Kacey that they should come down if people  
> object.  People who DID NOT WRITE MESSAGES are being burned by  
> them.  This a needless practice.  You don't have to like me or  
> think that what I did in debate was humane to agree that this fight  
> is stupid and that it would be really easy just to take the  
> objectionable messages down.
> As a totally personal aside, I also think you owe Kacey an  
> apology.  It shouldn't be "the cool thing to do" to crucify people  
> for trying to take actions for the good of the community.  Those  
> turn out to be the people that make the community worth being a  
> part of in the end.  I'm lucky that I met Kacey in debate - I  
> "suffered" through being her opponent (once, it was a preset) and  
> her co-worker at a debate institute.  If you actually talked to  
> her, you would probably enjoy her sense of fashion, her humor, and  
> yes.... her concern for serious issues that affect the debate  
> community.  She has a great sense of perspective; I think you would  
> realize she is pretty good at coming up with solutions for problems  
> that no one else is willing to address.
> Alicia Hunt

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