[eDebate] Various Proposals: a/t omri, ellis, eber, then everyone else

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Thu Apr 3 06:55:46 CDT 2008

Last post.

Omri: You eloquently expressed what I clumsily
stuttered.  I'm in strong agreement with you, and that
makes me feel weird.

Ellis: I share your concerns.  A flat tax is probably
a regressive tax, and I strongly suspect our views on
economic justice correspond in important ways.

That said, the highly gradated system you described is
just way, way too complicated to reasonably request. 
Look at this from Phil's perspective.  He would
probably rather gouge out his own eyes than spend
hours assessing whether you or "Chief" was really the
aggressor in some random flamewar.  Every judgment
call would then drag him into everyone else's

A flat charge is better because one guy simply doesn't
have the intellectual and emotional energy to spend
endlessly sifting through the community's psychic
debris.  Also, my proposal gives Phil more money.

Fifty bucks for a technical professional to perform a
time-consuming operation isn't steep.  It's a gift.  

The Gold Club idea is solid.

Eber says -

"Phil Kerpen should remove or scrub the messages
regarding Kacey Wolmer from the edebate archives. He
has done so in the past for his friends, and to refuse
doing so now would be blatantly playing favorites."



If you're good at performing a service, you get to
give it to your friends.  My mechanic may have fixed
his cousin's car for free last week.  That doesn't
entitle me to start demanding the same gifts.

In this case, Phil gets to do things for his clients
because they give him money.  It's not an exclusive
club.  All Kacey has to do is give Phil a bunch of
money, and she can join the club too!

If you feel that there should be a universal public
right to plumbing or cleansing the Internet's memory,
you will probably need to participate in some much
broader-based advocacy.

Everyone else who's concerned about Kacey Wolmer:

Sure, be concerned.  

If you really want to show solidarity, pass the hat
and get together enough money for Phil to do the work.

Apparently, she said some brusque things to Phil.  I
don't think that should end her legal career - I just
think it's going to cost her a bill or two.

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.  

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