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David Glass gacggc
Thu Apr 3 17:13:48 CDT 2008

just to generalize the lesson from this last discussion about archived
posts...   the problems brought up here are not unique to eDebate;  folks in
your demographic are  facing increased scrutiny by  employers, due to naive
and often quite foolish  posts on a variety of forums,  including   MySpace,
Facebook, and various bulletin boards.

so hopefully people will learn from that, and will realize it is often quite
difficult or impossible to expunge these things, due to archiving

the only thing that really helps to deal with the problem is to be named
John Smith or  Mary Jones.  In that case your name will be diluted by the
plethora of similarly named people.  But if you have a distinctive
appelation, you're gonna get tagged with every one of these youthful
indiscretions.  And you should be informed that very very few (as in no)
other communities value irony and verbal excesses as much as this one...
(all right, maybe sarah silverman and her friend, but that is it...); so you
cant count on your future highly selective and extremely conservative law
firm, or the Supreme Court of the United States, or prosecutors, or Senate
Judiciary Committees, or even think tanks or Universities, getting the joke.

So please keep this in mind (and perhaps that message should be repeated to
everyone as they become old enough to post online... perhaps on multiple

- David Glass (fortunately, one of many many people named David Glass)
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