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jesus christ omritarded
Fri Apr 4 03:18:16 CDT 2008

so every year about this time some irrelevant debate about something
or another springs up here and for the most part we are of the opinion
that while it doesn't help any given situation it is ineffectual and
stupid enough that it doesn't really hurt.
it is for this reason that we are generally inclined to let well
enough alone. but this particular debate seems to speak close to our
collective hearts in that it brings up an issue we have long had in
mind when occasionally posting our particular form of semantic
terrorism. Posting without a signature or with a fake one, like ours,
serves to  prevent the kind of  problematic that started this thread
and it is for that reason we do it.

i know you all are really really smart  and if any of you have the
guts will try and answer this post with something about authenticity
and cowardice but maybe a quick demonstration might illustrate what we

if we were to say something like "omri ceren is a weasely little nazi
bitch  who we would love to smack the shit out of with a sock full of
quarters then beat to a pulp with pillowcases brimming with doorknobs"
it would potentially get us in trouble with  the authorities, our
comrades, and professional superiors. a quick note here: we are making
no specific threats to omri or any threats really
but merely using his name in this example because we believe that such
sentiments are not without a sympathetic ear (we are certain anyone
who has been locked in a basement cutting cards while being
pedogoically indoctrinated  with zionistic imperialism by that sad
little man has had the feeling described above at least once).

ironic that someone with such a jewish fervor could act like such a
nazi, but then again without jews turned nazis we wouldnt have an
israeli state and millions of palestinians wouldnt have the pleasure
of big fences and korans jammed between their ass cheeks in death
camps, oh did we say death camps we meant  happy camps.

see there again is an example of some thing we wouldn't say without
the safety of a fake name. see how this can come in handy.

the next arg we'd be making here is that if someone really wanted to
they could prolly find out who it is that is writing this missive or
at least to where   the various names terminate. the answer to that is
two fold;

who cares,  as individuals we post plenty of offensive shit here  and
if it fucks up  our professional life we are prolly working for a
total douche bag --see scotty P's post on this question---its is not
only hilarious  but spot the fuck on .

a secondly if someone wants to go through all the trouble it would
take to actually figure out who we are  then they really need to get
laid or something as we don't consider ourselves that important and
anyone who worries so about some dumb shit said on a message board
for super nerds or some dumb shit said about them on said board  is
fucking lame cross apply my "getting laid"  alt here.

as for those people who are just so mad about something and need some
people to bother now that their students and/or competitors are
enjoying their well deserved break    , please by all means have inane
debates about silly shit that shouldnt matter to any of you , unless
of course you have no family, no loved ones, or no life. for those of
you that fit this description  we are truly sorry for taking any of
the joy out of what must most certainly be vastly important to your
sad little world. for those of you who dont fit such a description
then i urge you to  please for the love of the species and debate
everywhere have sex with something, someone if you can, but anything
is better than what you are doing to yourselves here.

and in conclusion omri ceren should(note that this not will, in case
anybody offs that little bitch we are not responsible but are merely
intellectualy endorsing a good idea) be taken to gitmo or palestine to
see what his people are doing to the world (no this is not a
racialized perspective we take , but a political one,  there are many
jews among us that are in no way pro-occupation, fascism, or similar
forms of zionism purported by debates own little napoleon ) and upon
arriving at such places of depravity and subjugation we hope that omri
might either be compelled to change his mind  or would join his nazi
mother in the flaming pit of hell , hopefully by his own hand, but no
one is splitting hairs.

yours truly,

the church of a pissed off zombie christ
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