[eDebate] wow someone gets up early

jesus christ omritarded
Fri Apr 4 07:38:47 CDT 2008

wow, someone gets up very early in the morning to flame some "guy" for
some alleged "anti-semitic" postings.

firstly, that was hysterical, kudos and cheers to you for getting at
least part of the joke.

secondly, do you know how parody functions? most of what makes it a
compelling strategy is that it is often its own best answer.
in the instance of the post in question: the hyperbolic and crude
nature of the descriptions therein along with the subsequent overly
specific disclaimers provide a backdoor(id make another crude joke
here about your familiarity with alternate entrances  but i hardly
think its vital to my position) through which the reader is invited to
pass or not pass, these features of the parodic gesture make it
difficult to tell if the writer means exactly what they say or if they
are indeed mocking earlier posts about jack stroube calling omri a
nazi, the very notion of writing without authorship, or even the
deadly serious nature that these discussions, be they banal or
otherwise, take on...

the reader,  in this case,  you, is invited to take an interpretive
leap and in someways reading becomes the very process of writing
telling us more about you than you could ever discern about me...

it is in this way you have fallen for a trap. you poor dumb fuck.

for the record i dont have balls at all, i am a womyn(i know spelling
it with a Y doesn't solve  but i sure do like it) way to make that
assumption tho(is that a link turn, i think it is) and oddly enough im
a jew(ashkenazi to be precise)  another dumb ass assumption you made.
when given the option to interpret you assumed id be another dumb ass
fat wasp dude like the rest of this community, its a wonder this place
doesn't attract more people from diverse walks of life with brilliant
scholars like your selves assuming a generic identity and ascribing it
to speakers with which  they have no contact or knowledge of---i have
to say this doesn't look good for you... might be game over.. either
way it doesn't matter as i have finished my little experiment and will
disappear from whence i came.

thanks for playing and really that reply while it wasnt the "right" response
was really really funny and i hope you spend the rest of the day
patting yourself on the back for it.

yours truly,


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