[eDebate] Larry Tribe on Jim Unger

Greg A. Rosenbaum greg
Fri Apr 4 15:12:49 CDT 2008

Posted on behalf of Laurence H. Tribe, 15th NDT Champion and Coach of the
23rd NDT Champion, a remembrance of James J. Unger:

"For most of us during the crucial decade and a half starting in the
mid-1970s - the decade in which many of us came of age or settled into our
lifetime careers - Jimmy Unger WAS debate, debate as high art, debate as
ritual, debate as relentless analysis, debate as bloodless battle. He lived
it, breathed it, epitomized it, enjoyed it, perfected it, practiced it, and
made it a permanent part of our lives. For all of that, and for the
inestimable wit and twinkling wisdom that Jimmy exuded for so many years, we
will all owe him a huge and permanent debt. May his memory live forever in
and through those of us who cared about him and who were lucky enough to be
his friends.

Larry Tribe"



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