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Brett Wallace brettawallace
Fri Apr 4 16:23:53 CDT 2008

GREAT idea Noah...needs lots of resolutional wording work though. Your
proposed topic wording would be HUGE. There are 18 different "members" of
the intelligence community http://www.intelligence.gov/1-members.shtml,
which would allow cases that range from, different types of technology
changes, cases about the war on drugs anywhere in the world (DEA), civil
liberties/privacy cases about methods of surveillance (FBI/NSA), military
uses of intelligence anywhere in the world (DIA,), reorganization of
agencies cases, any type of homeland security proposals (DHS/FBI), sanctions
cases (Treasury), satellites/space cases (NRO/NGIA), diplomacy (CIA), human
rights, anything state department does (INR), proliferation/nuclear
smuggling/nuclear safety (DOE), ports/shipping (coast guard), terrorism
(all). And I'm sure theres plenty of "crazy" cases too - area 51, aliens,
conspiracy theory things come to mind.

If there can be a way to come up with a mechanism that doesn't allow policy
or collection method internal changes by these agents, but more of a
top-down reorganization of the intelligence community as a WHOLE would be my
gut response to what a good topic could be.

Brett A. Wallace
MA Candidate, Security Policy Studies
Elliott School of International Affairs
The George Washington University
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