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Seth T. Ellsworth sethellsworth
Fri Apr 4 17:16:34 CDT 2008

Quote: "Matt Stannard--can we ban big crazy douchebags from posting here--oh
wait we
cant this isn't your marxian fascist utopia and guess what, it never will
be. stop tickling the sack of a dead philosopher who was really just trying
to explain to his wife why he didn't have a real job and find yourself an
Engels so that you might leave the rest of us alone and stop flooding
evidence sets with cards that obviously don't fucking work. Marx himself
would call you a loser not for your incessant felating of his dead corpse
but for being the last holder of a candle in a vigil to mourn something
called modernity. for fucks sake man, read some zizek or some derrida at
least(yeah, i know the words are big but you can get through em if you just
sound them out) at least zizeks alt is not too far from what you are
actually doing. wishing it away wont make you less broke, being good at your

job might but since thats obviously a foregone conclusion, you and the rest
of the trixy hobbits(you know who you are) out there should at least mask
your moronical stupidity and defiant idiocy with some sweet evidence so that

people wont know on sight that you're at a waste of their time. the omri
post was obviously a joke, my banter with A. was playful and fun(at least
for me) but you sir are a fucking piece of shit and you should prolly crawl
back underneath your trailer and read das capital until you whither and die.

This one time I think Matt did crawl under his trailer, but he was scared of
the dark and had to call me to tell him a bedtime story. And Matt is clearly
not a scholar and cares nothing about reading "new" ideas. Thats because he
was too busy caring for his family and friends. This one time he loaned me
$20. It was nice. I spent it on beer. Also, since I don't know Matt that
well, I probably shouldn't talk about the time that his old evidence set
that never works won me the last debate I ever won, or the fact that his
moronical stupidty provided a low cost camp that he threw his heart into to
provide debate to people. Or the time that his parli team won both national
tournaments in one year. And what an idiot he is, because one time he stayed
up all night cutting north korea cards. Also fuck that guy, Matt Stannard ,
for holding a free tournament every year, because thats obviously not
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