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stephen davis proudsavage
Fri Apr 4 19:10:55 CDT 2008

Ever seen that episode of the Simpsons where Homer steals the giant donut
from the Lard Lad and the advertising monsters come and wreak havoc?  They
get them to go away by ignoring them, much like this sick little brat, the
advertising monsters are only seeking attention and without it they serve no
purpose. Maybe someones mommy didn't love them enough, or maybe daddy never
hugged her/it and shes too disfigured to get slutty as a means of
compensation so she/it turned to this quaint little community of
intellectuals to fill a void left by the neglect of a broken childhood.
Either way, i beseech you all to ignore the pathetic pleas of what Omri was
correct in characterizing as a "a dull and thoroughly mainstream bigot".

The mark of a true elder statesman is embodied in the responses made by
colleges and friends of Matt Stannard. Matt didn't  need to construct witty
retorts or scathing and pointed criticisms explicating exactly how asinine
this poor confused person's life must be because those who love and respect
Matt were there to do it for him. This is, of course, not to say that Omri's
approach wasn't equally viable.

Its interesting that this little tussle came at the heals of a conversation
about how to most effectively deal with unsavory content that occasionally
pops up on the list serve. Is Omri right that the nascent hostility and
harassment in these posts warrant action on the part of the moderators or at
least violates the TOS? While I am certainly not suggesting that anyone
should volunteer any more  time than they already do to remedy the problem
of one misanthropic little shit,  I am saying that there should probably be
some way to prevent "anonymous trolls" from posting bullshit like this
without any accountability or recourse from the community beyond the obvious
ostracizing i advocate above. If there is a way to stop this person from
doing dumb shit like this and creating a hostile environment for the rest of
this I, for one,  would be all for it and if that makes me intolerant of
abject and banal intolerance then so be it. If some white supremacist hate
group were spewing garbage all over the list serve there would be a serious
public  outcry and Andy Ellis would burst a cerebral embolism; how, then is
all alright for this person do the very same thing because they appear to
have some working knowledge of debate and K literature? While censorship is
really not my thing there is a line where the angry rantings of a
bat-shit-crazy little turd construct an environment that  is hostile and

Its a really really complicated issue i know and i certainly don't pretend
to have any real answers or authority on the subject i am merely hoping this
person will stop and we as a community could come upon a method to prevent
any further abuse of this community space. Until one is formulated or
someone just pulls the plug on this persons ability to post i again urge you
not to engage as it seems to only make the situation worse.

PS for jesus:  Leave Asha alone, shes seemingly much smarter than you and
schooling you pretty bad on the content of the debate(if you could call it
that) which once again makes you look not just like an ignorant bigot but a
idiotic ignorant bigot.

Stephen M. Davis
Head Debate Coach
Bard College
proudsavage at gmail.com
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