[eDebate] Immigration topic?

David Cram Helwich cramhelwich
Fri Apr 4 21:58:33 CDT 2008

I would prefer health care reform or biotech. Eli wants to "regulate"
something. We know that none of these will never win.

Immigration reform might have a shot. Is there community interest? I coached
a very broad HS topic on immigration reform (94/95, I believe), and remember
the topic being very good and moderately well balanced to the norms of the
day. The public policy controversy is even more vibrant a decade plus later.
I have a hard time thinking of a more important domestic/foreign issue--I
conduct Mock Congress' in my intro to argument class, and the student
_always_ pick immigration as their topic. The fact that most of the senators
who are presenting their bills next week will be advocating a "big wall"
worries me.

Immigration is listed as a topic on Gordon et al.'s webpage (thanks, btw,
for making the process _much_ more inclusive and transparent), sans author.
Is someone working on a paper? If not, is there enogh community interest in
immigration refom to make the effort of writing one worthwhile?

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