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Fri Apr 4 22:12:00 CDT 2008

The truth always lies somewhere between what we hear at the eulogy and what we read in the tirade.
Good friends, respectful comrades, and old acquaintances will have chosen to remember the noble, the good, the greater of a person and will have chosen to forget the callow, the bad, the lesser of a person.  There is worth in memory which is faulty in this way.
But it is a mistake to chastise the present for comparing badly to a past whose mistakes, excesses, and failures have faded away.  The dialog about how to build an ability for edebate to forget is not unrelated to the fond remembrances of friends and colleagues.
The first time I met James Unger was in the mid 80s at a regional CEDA tournament in the Northeast.  I remember wondering what the hell HE was doing there, this legend of the activity.  He coached his team and he judged mine.  Yes, I hurried to make sure I heard his RFDs.  He seemed to be enjoying himself.  That seemed right.
Years later, in the mid 90s, Adam Chud would regularly tell us Dr. Unger's thoughts about contemporary debate.  Every time we had a tournament near DC, Adam would steal away for a meal with his mentor and friend.  Yes, I prodded Adam to ask Unger what he thought about the decision-maker view of fiat and even about plan-plan.
Omri is young and full of fire and making a name for himself, Matt is more established, a maturing patrician, while Dr. Unger is being made real again by remembrance.  Each in his time sharing a life in debate.
Mr. Nelson:  there is no need to feel shame or to be embarrassed about this community or these people.  We are living vivid lives, filled with ideas and energy and a struggle to balance passion with a measure of wisdom.  Everything else is faulty perception and fading memory.
Michael Korcok
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