[eDebate] Dear Asshats.....

James Maritato james.maritato
Fri Apr 4 22:47:21 CDT 2008

I will now be reading edebate in digest mode, and like once every two to
three weeks.

This isn't that big of a change, considering unlike the majority of you
blathering idiots, i check edebate like once a week.

Chances are if you posted thus far in the month of April, you have proven
why I tend not to bother reading edebate again until like July.

Get lives.  Get hobbies that don't involve arguing, e-mail or the
interwebs.  Get families, friends, and sunshine.   Eat an apple.  Pet a
whale.  Save the puppies.  Contribute to genocide, racism, and oppression
(shit, at least that would be more productive than any of this crap)

See you in September, suckers.  Feel free to make whatever statements you
wish in regards to this e-mail that inevitable will not read.  As pre-empts,
I will say the following completely obvious/pointless statements:

Stannard - I want to know who wins in a fight between you, Dr. Robotnik, and
Humpty Dumpty.
Stephen Davis - you have a really big fucking head.  I have been saying this
for over 8 years, and still, no head-reduction surgery.  Get with the
Pinto - you're still following debate listservs?  Why?
Omri - I don't know you and don't want to.  That being said, your travel
blog still sucks.
Getsomepoliticalnuance: GetARealHobby at Gmail.com, or at least
GetABetterInternetHandle at gmail.com.
Omritarded - I know who you are too.  You need a job, a real life, and a
clue more than you need to be posting on the interwebs (and probably more
than the rest of these mofos).

If you're looking for me in the meantime, IM and e-mailing me directly
(because "backchannel" is an incredibly stupid word that means 'reply') are
your best bets.

If you e-mail me, and I don't respond, it probably means I think you're an
assclown and don't really care what you have to say.  You probably think the
same thing about me, but this is why I'm smarter than you for opting out of
meaningless bullshit so that I have more time to opt-in to meaningful public
discourse (and if not that, Guitar Hero, which is certainly more valuable
than edebate discourse).

If you're wondering why many students don't take this game seriously, why
many people quit debate, why many people never join, and why MOST people in
the real world don't give a flying fuck about anything we do in this
activity, please read every e-mail from this month thus far.  The answer
should be obvious.


P.S. - I am a HUGE fan of a directors only listserv where important
announcements from CEDA and NDT leadership are announced (I don't even give
a shit if they are discussed there) just so I *never have to read or engage
anyone on edebate for any reason ever again.*

P.S.S. - this is all just a big mistake and/or misunderstanding that I am or
am not necessarily proud or ashamed of.  Curses, you e-mail archiving
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