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Danielle Holbrook drh8376
Sat Apr 5 13:36:51 CDT 2008

The Department of Communication at Florida State University invites
applicants with a background in policy debate to apply for a graduate
teaching assistantship and help with the FSU Policy Debate Team. Graduate
Assistants receive a stipend in addition to nine hours of in-state tuition
waiver. Debate assistants gain invaluable experience at Florida State
University through teaching sections of the basic communication course,
coaching the policy team, and working with knowledgeable faculty who possess
a wide array of specializations. We also have public speaking teaching
assistantships available.

Graduate assistants are required to be accepted to the graduate program in
Communication, and to enroll for a minimum of nine hours per semester to
qualify for funding. Contingent upon availability of funding and
satisfactory performance, there is a possibility graduate assistant
appointments may be continued beyond one year.

The Graduate Degree program at FSU includes both professional and research
tracks. The doctoral programs prepare students for careers in teaching,
research, private sector, and public affair (see comm.fsu.edu).

Interested applicants should contact Steve McDowell at
smcdowel at fsu.edu(850-644-2276).

Danielle Holbrook
Florida State University
Department of Communication
UCC 3125
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